Friday, February 28, 2014

Katy Perry and Allah

To my Muslim brothers and sisters:

For starters, you may not choose to call me brother when you finish reading what I have to say.

For hundreds of years, Jews have suffered indignities from their fellow-Americans.

For hundreds of years, Roman Catholics have suffered indignities from their fellow-Americans.

For hundreds of years, the Amish and the Mennonites and the Society of Friends have all suffered indignities from their fellow-Americans.

For a hundred and fifty-plus years, Mormons have suffered indignities from their fellow-Americans.

I could go on and on as every religious group and every ethnic group has had to endure “indignities” (or worse) from their fellow-Americans.

Much of what I am calling indignities were verbal slurs and curses against another’s religion.  And as long as there was no physical injury done, it was all legal, and protected by law.  This is America.

If I were you, I would dismiss anyone who calls you “friend” – if he or she disrespects your religion, disparages your Prophet, or blasphemes against Allah.

But if Katy Perry disrespects your precious religion, if I disrespect your precious religion – tough shit!  It is every American’s right to disrespect your religion and blaspheme against Allah.  It is our PRIVILEGE to say what we want – even if it is blasphemy to your ears.

You are in America now; the more you object to our blasphemy, the more of it you will call into being.  Because we are a rowdy lot and we don’t let anyone tell us what we can and cannot do or say.  Especially new-comers!

So, demand that your friends be sensitive to your religion; the rest of us could care less.

Get used to it!

Take my words to heart and you will do OK in this great country.  And we might one day call each other brother.

Addendum: Sunday, 07/19/2015
To those who know her, Pamela Geller is not a new face in the world of disrespecting and blaspheming Muslims.
To those who don't know her, check her out.

Addendum: Sunday, 11/15/2015
A sad day for the the West.  Paris is in our hearts, we bleed with her.

There is no doubt that the Christian (and Jewish) West (AKA, the "First World") has historic misdeeds it should be ashamed of.  There is little doubt that we are a cancer on the planet, and that we are racing towards oblivion.  But the savage and barbaric acts in Paris targeted innocents.  They have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind.