Sunday, July 19, 2015


Sometimes politics as a spectator sport is FUN!  Please note that I write very little about "politics"; I prefer issues to personalities, and politics is all personalities.  So few discuss issues independent of the passions associated with a personality; that is my niche.

Nonetheless, Donald Trump makes politics FUN.  Trump is not, technically, stupid.  Nevertheless, he is supremely, and without peer, stupid.  And unintentionally very funny.

The Daily News is not a liberal paper, even though it is a New York City paper.  When they say he is a clown, maybe you should believe them.

That's it.  Nothing more to say about the clown.  Enjoy the show!

P.S.  If you know anyone who knows anyone who knows him, please show him this libelous post.  I beg to be sued by The Donald!

Addendum: Sunday 08/23/2015
Time has past and I have had time to reassess my original judgment.  But my judgment has not changed.

Trump's poll results continue to show increasing enthusiasm for him.  But all these polls ask "who is your first choice among all the candidates?" and Trump leads the pack solidly in those kinds of polls, currently at 24%.  But as candidates decide to cut their losses and leave the race, their few %age points will re-distribute among the other candidates.  When an extreme candidate leaves the race, Trump can expect to pick up a significant share of his supporters.  But when a moderate candidate leaves the race, Trump will not pick up many of his supporters.  Looked at this way, there is little we can tell about the next few months, even if a half-dozen candidates leave the race.  I am banking instead on the imponderables, what New Yorkers know about the man: that he is first and foremost an entertainer, an inflated ego, a clown.

I could be wrong.

We will see.

Addendum: Wednesday, 02/10/2016
The N Y Daily News really really don't like him much, do they?  I wonder why.

Addendum: Friday, 03/25/2016
And then there are those college students who want to be protected from the Donald and his circus show.