Tuesday, March 3, 2015

To My Countrymen

My book, To My Countrymen: The Essential Handbook for Tea Partiers, Occupiers, and Every American Who is Mad as Hell and Isn't Going to Take It Any More, is about the American democracy  that was and what you can do to restore it.  My hope is that you buy it, read it, recommend it to your friends, and take action.  If you and enough Americans follow its plans, the forces that control America today MUST yield to the strength of your passion, your commitment, and your numbers.

I have made it as easy as I can to get my book into your hands.  You can buy a paperback version or a Kindle (eBook) version.  For very reasonable prices.  I have made the paperback as inexpensive as I realistically can, $8.99.  And, more often than not, Amazon sells it to you for considerably less ($7.64 at this writing).  As to the Kindle version, I give it away free for 5 days (unpredictable) out of every 90 days, but $2.99 is still a great price for a Kindle book.

But I also make the following offer which no one should refuse: you can get the Kindle version free if you buy the paperback version.  This is my way of urging you to buy the paperback version.  I make this offer because I really want you to read To My Countrymen more than I want your money.  There is a much better chance that you will read a paperback book than its Kindle version because a) you paid more for it and b) people read more of the paper books that they buy than the eBooks that they buy.  And, my book begs you to interact with it – to bend down pages, to mark the essays that you have read, to highlight passages you find especially noteworthy, and to make notes in it – and these things are much more easily done with a paper version of the book.  OTOH, the Kindle version does have the immense advantage over its paperback big brother in that you have immediate access to all hyperlinks (clicking a link opens your browser at the referenced page).

I wrote To My Countrymen because the Democracy Movement needs to raise an army of citizen-soldiers who know what they are fighting for.  It will make you a better citizen, guaranteed.  And I hope one of the several million citizen-soldiers that we need to win this war.

So, click on the cover of my book at the top right of the screen ("Ben's Book"), do a “Look Inside” at Amazon.com, buy the paper version of my book (and don’t forget to ask for the free Kindle version, it is not automatic, you have to click a few more things – look for the words “Kindle MatchBook”), read my book, tell your friends about my book, organize, decide what specific actions you are going to take, calendar them, and get to work.  The job of “taking back our country” demands that we all understand what that means and what we need to do.  Get on board.

And read my blog, and tell your friends about my blog.  I promise it will NOT take over your life as I will average only 1 to 2 short blog posts per week.

Thank you for listening.