Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Net Neutrality

Some political issues are just SO simple – so right vs. wrong, so good vs. evil – that no one would dare to admit he favors the “wrong” choice.  Like democracy vs. fascism.  Like the use of nuclear weapons on a populated city to prove we are still the strongest nation in the world and no one should fuck with us.  Simple issues with a clear right and wrong.

I THINK that Net Neutrality (Internet Service Providers, ISPs, carriers – MUST provide equal bandwidth [imagine a water “pipe” between you and your ISP] to all web services; ISPs cannot charge web services extra for a faster pipe that only large corporations can afford, while consigning all other web services that cannot afford the toll – like my blog – to a slower pipe) is one of these simple issues.

But before I have my say, before I say something that I may regret later on, I’d like to hear an argument against Net Neutrality.  A real argument by someone who honestly believes that Net Neutrality is the wrong choice.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Monica’s back

Better she had gotten on with her life in private.

The problem with Monica Lewinsky is not that she gave Bill Clinton a blow job (I was never interested enough in the story to gather the details – was it once or ten times, and did they ever … kiss?), the problem was not that she showed such bad judgment trusting her "friend" Linda Tripp, the problem is not that she still blames Bill for taking advantage of her, or that she blames Hillary … for what?

No, the problem is simpler than that.  Faced with doing the right thing (telling the lasciviously ambitious Kenneth Starr to go fuck himself), she caved in to a threat of imprisonment for refusal to cooperate.  She’d have become a modern heroine had she done the right thing.  Instead she has had fifteen years (and counting) of being an American pariah, a sad joke, and she is so stupid and so in denial that she doesn’t understand why.  She broke a code that she should have learned as a teenager: you never kiss and tell.

She’s had her 15 minutes of fame and it was terrible.  Now she wants more.  Amazing.


There is a real chance that someone who reads this post will read it as a Clinton apologetic.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  I had two thoughts driving my writing: a silly girl (yes, I am quite aware that she is a 40 year-old woman, but she still acts like a silly girl) intent on learning wrong lessons from life; and the shame of our becoming a nation that allows a "special prosecutor" appointed by a highly partisan group to become more powerful than a popular President elected by the people.  It is a real possibility that our national politics has so degenerated that we may expect to see every future President subjected to an impeachment, at least every Democratic President.  If a Republican reader thinks this would be a great idea, I ask him how happy he would be if the Democrats got wise and played the same game on THEIR Presidents.  I think our COUNTRY needs to grow up, which in turn will force our elected representatives to do the same.