Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Net Neutrality

Some political issues are just SO simple – so right vs. wrong, so good vs. evil – that no one would dare to admit he favors the “wrong” choice.  Like democracy vs. fascism.  Like the use of nuclear weapons on a populated city to prove we are still the strongest nation in the world and no one should fuck with us.  Simple issues with a clear right and wrong.

I THINK that Net Neutrality (Internet Service Providers, ISPs, carriers – MUST provide equal bandwidth [imagine a water “pipe” between you and your ISP] to all web services; ISPs cannot charge web services extra for a faster pipe that only large corporations can afford, while consigning all other web services that cannot afford the toll – like my blog – to a slower pipe) is one of these simple issues.

But before I have my say, before I say something that I may regret later on, I’d like to hear an argument against Net Neutrality.  A real argument by someone who honestly believes that Net Neutrality is the wrong choice.