Monday, March 17, 2014

Republicans and Democrats

The core difference between the two major political parties is over the role of government in our lives.  Republicans believe that government interferes with our lives and should be kept to a minimum.  “The government that governs least governs best” (Thomas Jefferson said that).  Democrats believe that government should help us out when we need its help.  “I am my brother’s keeper” (Genesis' Cain did NOT say that).

Republicans believe in competition; Democrats believe in cooperation.  Mostly.

Republicans believe in self-reliance; Democrats believe in teamwork.  Mostly.

Rural areas are always more Republican than urban areas, and urban areas are always more Democratic than rural areas.

Women are always more Democratic than men, and men are always more Republican than women.

The more religious tend to vote Republican, while the more secular tend to vote Democratic.  Those who favor faith over science tend to vote Republican, while those who favor science over faith tend to vote Democratic.

Businessmen tend to be more Republican, and those whose livelihood is not business tend to be more Democratic.

Owners and managers are more often Republicans, and workers are more often Democrats.

All else being equal, the young are more likely to be Democratic and the old more likely to be Republican.

Look at this list of alternatives again; do we really believe that one alternative is better than the other?  Don't we really need both alternatives?

He who believes that any American with a different political belief system than his own is either stupid or evil needs to spend more time in the other fellow’s shoes.

We are all Americans.